Order A Copy of Our Most Expensive Issue! $100 For The Best in Art, Poetry & Prose

Order A Copy of Our Most Expensive Issue Ever! $100 For The Best in Art, Poetry & Prose

Get your copy of In Parentheses Magazine here: http://magcloud.com/user/inparenth/

Get your copy of In Parentheses Magazine here: http://magcloud.com/user/inparenth/

It’s April 1st and today we release our quarterly magazine, containing all new submissions from Brooke Trealout, Stanley M. Noah, Owen Lucas, Gabrielle Catalano, Jeffrey Park, John Grey, Julia Alexander, Jon Dambacher, Brittney Bullock, Paulette Perhach, Bep Broos, Sarah Eisenlohr, Krisztian Tejfel, Michelle Cohen,…

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Speak me love…by G. Mramor

"Days of Heaven" (Film, Malick)

Love no hero.

Love the giant that ripples your blood.

Love the fray that hammers the nerve.

Love the mouth that speaks your fever.

Love the fracture in the bone.

Love a broken axe.

Love the cross you do not carry.

Love the day you make with sand.

Love a white bird in the snow.

Love if you take from me everything just leave me love.

Love if you misplace and forget me again make me love.


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Name: …by Brittney Bullock

Name: …by Brittney Bullock

"Lovebirds on a Wire" by Maria Kitano

“Lovebirds on a Wire” by Maria Kitano

I learned your name. It was new, it was yesterday. It was newness on my tongue. I couldn’t stop repeating the syllables, the first and the second. And yet I’ve still to learn the last! The name that could be mine someday; could be ours, in fact.

So I practice and practice…

You’re the first of you that I’ve met but I’m excited for the unknown, happy to say…

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Cast this air into the night…by G. Mramor

Old Man by Arif Bahtiar

Cast this air into the night.

Author these words for the wind.

Dream the dying dream.

Fore there is no war made with wind.

There is only this.

Red knuckles biting with hoar.

Thumbs dicking raw scabs.

Pink hands peeling from the web.

Fore the rose light soars this dreamflight.

But no war with light will ever piece this after flight.

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Watering blue eyes…by G. Mramor

Watering blue eyes and the green passage between us

Divets where tractors ran up the brush and you on a mounting road looking back down on a tree you knew

Words written you can count the seven you spelt and the three she wrote after just for your comfort

The side of a cow open as if to give milk to the wolves and hounds who hungered and cross now before you like friends

Leaves wracking the crush…

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Homefree…by G. Mramor



Got drunk in the citysludge tonight. Ran the pockets lined with dough. Struck a poorman to his death and salvation. Regret the cigarette lost to a poker. Remember always that summer in november. Bronze days without remorse. Ugly throats for the hugging. Pruning babes for the sucking. Limp bodies for the fucking. Gather with the lonely doves. Drink the thirty-one days done.


Running from…

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